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Chicago has a coop again :) 
07:03pm 04/12/2009 - the only coop in the entire city

They are opening tomorrow, with the official grand opening next Saturday. The store will be open to members and non-members alike.

Just a-passing on the message...
[EVENTS](Chicago) Sat. 10 Oct: VeganMania! 
03:39pm 09/10/2009

- Saturday, 10 October -
Chicago VeganMania is an all-inclusive celebration of the diverse and positive vegan lifestyle. This daylong festival will showcase the unique vegan commerce, culture, community and, of course, food!! The event is open to all (regardless of age, income or diet) and will feature a large vending area with live entertainment, games, contests and art show, a kids area and much more! EarthSave Chicago invites you to join us for this fun and enlightening experience. For more information, please visit:

DJs Scary Lady Sarah, VeganInBlack & Peter Propaganda will be spinning Ethereal, 80's & Darkwave music throughout the event.

Pulaski Park Fieldhouse, 1419 W. Blackhawk, Chicago (Wicker Park area)
10am - 4pm / all ages / free!
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01:42pm 22/06/2009

Check out this eco-friendly band based out of Chicago! Most of the members are vegetarian or vegan. I created a community for fans, check out their music and join if you like what you hear! I will be posting news and upcoming show dates on the community page regularly.

Peace and blessings!

The Giving Tree Band
05:09am 07/04/2009
  Hi there everyone! I come to you to ask for your help, and thought this would probably be one of the best places.

First things first, my name is Jenifer, and I'm a 21-year-old student at Loyola's Lake Shore campus. While I am an avid animal-lover, I've always been raised eating meat. For me, making the transition to veganism isn't about animal rights, its about my health. There are plenty of other protein sources out there that are much healthier for me and don't have the drawbacks that meat does. To me, the animal rights part is a bonus, not the primary reason I'm doing it.

I know that, when it comes to gelatin, milk, and eggs, there are replacements out there that taste almost identical with no problems. I know because I've tried them and love them.

However, the only replacements I've found for meat itself are tofu, seitan, and tempeh. The only one I've really ever seen is tofu, and I do use it. My problem is that tofu is, in my opinion, only a good replacement for meats when you're cooking something where you don't actually get the flavor of the meat. Something cooked in the slow-cooker is fine, it works great in curry, its pretty decent with most marinated things.

But what if you're cooking something that is still supposed to taste like meat? The best examples I can think of are steak and pork chops. While I have been scouring the internet and found that most recipes can easily be veganized, I haven't found an answer to the basic taste of meat. The only exception to this is pre-made stuff; tofu hot dogs, meatless burgers, etc. But things like that don't help me much, not unless I'm trying to make burgers or hot dogs.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to make your meat replacement actually taste like meat? I'm open to anything here really. The only thing I have to ask (and I feel like a jerk for asking it) is for people not to judge my question based on my reasons. If you became vegan for animal rights, more power to you, but please don't say I'm not good enough to be a vegan simply because I still want the taste of meat. I'm ultimately still contributing to the same cause as you are, my path just has other menu options.

Cross posted to starting_vegan and vegetarians so sorry for any f-list spam ;.;
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Good, cheap-ish, veg catering?? 
11:01pm 26/03/2009
  Hey chicago veggies!

My college graduation is coming up fast, and I want an entirely vegetarian menu! (Much to the chagrin of my father, unfortunately).

Has anyone ever gotten great veggie catering? I live on the south side of the city, and there's really not many places cool enough to cater to us folk :(

I want to find food that will be pleasing to omni's, and kids, but that I can also be proud to have at my graduation party!

If anyone has had any particularly positive catering experiences, please refer me to the place!
Thanks :)
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Vegan Restaurant Near the Shedd? 
06:16pm 24/02/2009
  Something within reasonable walking distance.


Thank you.
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Vegan/Vegetarian Personal Chef For Those Who Usually Can't Afford One 
12:46pm 29/01/2009
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Dairy Suggestions 
11:29am 27/11/2008
mood: optimistic
So I have made some incredible progress with my vegetarian diet in the past 4 weeks.

I have phased out ice cream, yogurt and shredded cheese with soy based product. =) It has been at least 3 weeks now since I last had 'meat' but I still need help with the rest of non-vegantarian food stuff.

I need to eat something besides eggs for breakfast. Normally I make this mash, though you would call it an omelet with hash browns. It needs to be high in calories and protein, no exceptions. I fry up 3 servings of veggies, tofu, crumbles and scramble the eggs with a side of hash give you an idea.

I thought that I could just use egg beaters but I was wrong. Not an option.

I need to replace the kefir with another fluid. Said fluid must be high in calories (100+), protein and calcium. Soymilk is not an option. Suppose I could do cranberry juice or something...I blend all this stuff up...ugh. I blend 8oz soy yogurt, 8 oz soy ice cream, 16 oz soymilk, wheat germ, whey protein powder (which I need to switch over to soy) 16 oz of frozen fruit and probably other stuff. Comes out to 50 oz of fluid to drink. Comes out to about 1,000 calories and 100 grams of protein.

Thoughts or suggestions for replacing protein bars and snickers bars? Life without them will be hard as I am trying to gain weight and need uber amounts of protein (300g/day). I need something cheap, and high in protein to snack on at work.

So yeah, for the most part it will just be a vegan diet. I just need to throw out the cream cheese, cheese for the crackers and honey. They all have replacements waiting anyway.

Eggs for whatelse?
Kefir for what other fluid?
Chocolate/ protein for what?

Done rambling. Thanks for your time. Again. =)
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Yoga Mala Fundraiser for Animals 
03:13pm 27/10/2008
  For the yogis, animal-lovers, people who like a challenge...

I am hosting a yoga mala in Oak Park on Sunday, November 9th from 4-7pm to raise money for pet rescue and would love to have you join us! If you're interested, the flier with more information is here.

Hope to see you there!
Visiting until the 28th. 
09:59am 17/10/2008
mood: excited
A long time ago I lived in the Chicago area, but I've been living in Portland, OR for over 5 years and haven't been back here to visit for over 6 years..

I am here until the 28th. I am staying with a friend who has a lot of great ideas for things to do and I know some other people who live here, but I am on the hunt for more ideas! I am staying in uptown, but I am up for a bus or train ride anywhere. In Portland, I only get around by bike, so public transit is rather novel to me for this trip.

- Any suggestions where can I find good, cheap relatively local beer? The friend I am staying with doesn't drink, so I'm definitely short on those ideas.

- Any specifically chummy pubs where starting a conversation might be likely? Without the only goal to the conversation being engaging in sexual relations..

- Any recommendations for affordable, delicious, vegan food? My host is vegan, but you may know of something he doesn't! Big cities are full of hidden gems, right?

- Any cheap shows or house shows?

- Any really cool cheap or free events I shouldn't miss or places I need to go to? I love museums, so I will be going to all of the ones I can manage, should I grab a Chicago Go Card or do you know of some other, better deal?

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions/advice!
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Walk for Farm Animals 2008? 
10:45pm 31/07/2008
  For the past couple years, I've participated in the Walk For Farm Animals to raise money for Farm Sanctuary. This year, I was surprised to see that there was no registered walk for Chicago. (No volunteer coordinators, maybe?) I don't have the time to commit to running one myself, so I signed up to walk out in the 'burbs, in Sycamore/DeKalb.

Have you done the walk in the past? Are you planning on participating this year? Interested in carpooling out with us to rock DeKalb? ;)

Are there actually veg*ns in DeKalb? Should be interesting to see.


My past experience with the walks is that Chicago gets really poor attendance. I was surprised that NYC has hundreds and hundreds of people signed up and Chicago, in years past, numbers more in the dozens. What gives?
Sketch Drawing Class THIS Friday the 18th at BeBoba Bubble Tea House! 
06:57pm 15/07/2008
  BeBoba 3533 N. Western (by Addison)
is holding their monthly sketch drawing class THIS Friday; nude model, easels and one Bubble Tea drink included!

The session is on July 18th at 9:00-11:30p.
Artists MUST arrive by 9pm to get included bubble tea.
Cost is $15/person.
RSVP to this guy or email Jason at
Last minute artists are welcome to come as long as you get there by 9pm, but if you can, please RSVP!

Thanks to those of you who attended last month! We hope to see you and any new faces there!
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Do you have room for a pig? 
12:17pm 02/07/2008
  This is urgent and relevent.  Lives are at stake.  If you have a yard, or live on acreage, or know someone who does, or have any way possible of finding a home for a pig or pig(s) that were destined for slaughter but rescued from the horrible floods in Iowa, PLEASE contact Farm Sanctuary!  It is rare that factory-farmed animals get to literally escape their doom - lets not let them down now that they've finally found their freedom.

Among those we have rescued is a brave, strong mother pig who gave birth to seven piglets within the past couple of days amidst the floods. She and her babies have survived the ordeal but this mother now needs a safe place to call home and nurture and raise her piglets.

Our need for homes is extremely urgent, as Farm Sanctuary already provides lifelong care to more than 50 pigs. We are continuing to rescue as many as we can, but our efforts can only continue with your participation in this extraordinary rescue.

Many of the rescued pigs swam for their lives to escape deadly flood waters. They were stranded without food or water, injured, sick, frightened, and confused. These pigs need you to give them hope for the future and keep them safe from harm forever.  - there is a link to the full action alert, and contact info if you can help.  Please forward the alert to anyone you know who might be able to help these pigs who fought so hard to survive!

Vegan tattoo ink in Chitown... 
04:34pm 04/06/2008
  I'm looking for a tattoo artist and/or studio that uses vegan ink. Google searches don't turn up anything helpful, and looking through the posts of this community (a tag search brings up squat) I only find reference to Insight Studios taking part in some ADL events.
Might anyone be able to help me?

Thanks a bunch,
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Vegan at Leona's? 
11:42am 20/04/2008
  So what's the deal with Leona's? After seeing their menu online, my husband took us there as a surprise deal the other day. They list a "Big Fat Vegan Burger" on their menu, so I felt comfortable asking the waitress what other vegan items she'd suggest. She pointed out a tofu/mushroom skewers platter with marinara sauce. Upon asking, she admitted that their marinara sauce has cheese in it. She seemed clueless about veganism, so I'm left wondering what is and isn't vegan at Leona's?

After much ducking into the kitchen to ask questions, she reassured me that their vegetable minestrone and their big fat vegan burger were both vegan. They offered soy cheese but weren't sure if it was vegan or not.

Any straight answers or information you've gotten about Leona's food would be great. Thanks!
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The Cougar and the Cops 
02:52pm 15/04/2008,0,98147.story

BASTARDS! Why the hell did they have to fire 18 rounds at a scared animal and gun it down? Why didn't animal control use tranquilizers? People have bullet holes in their air conditioners, in a busy neighborhood, with lots of kids 9and near me!) where anyone could have been hurt?

This just goes to show just how incompetent the Chicago Police are! Every unit should have a small tranquilizer kit in their cruisers and KNOW HOW TO USE THEM, y'know, for other large animals, like loose dogs, deer and even that coyote that went inside the downtown Quizno's last year. Stupid, fat idiots! If anything else, we lost an invaluable opportunity to catch, tag and release the cat back where it probably traveled from and learn from its behavior.

When I saw its body on the news, lying on the cold cement, it just made me so terribly sad and angry at the same time. Looks like Daley has yet another black eye to deal with when it comes to his police force.
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Just Indulge 
06:17pm 14/04/2008
  My husband and I tried out the newly opened Just Indulge on North Avenue. The Wicker Park treat shop, mostly filled with dairy-based ice creams, candies, and flavored popcorn, also offers soy ice cream and vegan toppings/mix-ins. For about $5, I was able to get an awesome sundae--mint chocolate chip soy ice cream with a (vegan!) chocolate sauce topping. It rocked. Today, in addition to the mint chocolate chip, they also had strawberry and espresso oreo soy ice creams.

Yeah, we could have sat home with our own tubs of Temptations and saved money, but I have to admit it was great fun to order and eat out like a 'normal' person on a sunny afternoon.

They also have a very neat walk-up ordering window for people with dogs or bikes or otherwise unable or uninterested in stepping inside the shop.

Anyone else been there yet? What did you order? :)
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Green Zebra 
10:38pm 07/04/2008
  Has anyone heard of it or eaten there? I think it is supposed to be vegetarian, but I am wondering how vegan the menu is. Anyone? Any menu recommendations?  
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chicago diner 
01:26am 27/03/2008
  i went to the chicago diner tonight and, as always, it was amazing.

i could literally drink their ranch dressing, and i LOVE their mac 'n' cheese.
anybody know of any recipes that come close to either of these?

i will go one step further and say that i would inject their vegan ranch dressing directly into my veins. death? whatever. RANCH.


anybody else excited for pitchfork? the temptation booth was rad last year- it was awesome to see so many non-vegans eating dairy-free ice cream. RAD.

any of you on the PPK message board? if so, who are you?

sorry for so many questions.

hope everyone is enjoying the springtime evolution!!

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Top Chef 
01:16pm 13/03/2008
mood: curious
So, who watched Top Chef Chicago last night? Thoughts?
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